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Juma Orach

PhD Student

Juma Orach is currently pursuing a Master’s degree where he studies how the human body responds to different doses of diesel exhaust in a controlled human exposure. By studying this dose-response relationship (DICE), Juma hopes to improve bio-monitoring in occupational diesel exhaust exposure by developing a biologically and clinically relevant bio-signature. This research could improve our ability to assess occupational injury, design interventions and inform compensation.

Besides conducting clinical and basic laboratory research, Juma maintains the APEL website through which he increases awareness on pollution and opportunities at APEL. Juma received a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Immunology at UBC (2018) where he studied the effects of environmental pollutants (phthalates) on gut bacteria. He joined pollution lab in 2015 as a volunteer and has since then supported general laboratory tasks, study recruitment, serological testing and the APEL website. In his spare time, he enjoys tutoring, dancing salsa-rueda, playing football, watching movies/TV shows and socializing with friends.